China Auto Logistics (NasdaqGM:CALI)

China Auto Logistics Inc, founded in Tianjin 15 years ago, was listed on NASDAQ in June, 2009, and elevated to NASDAQ Global Market in January, 2010.

As China has grown to become the global leader in Internet usage and the world's number one auto market, China Auto Logistics Inc., with revenues in 2010 of $257,681,456, has built leading positions at the intersection of these two dynamic growth industries and is well poised to take full advantage of the significant opportunity for continuing rapid expansion they each provide.

  • We are China's number one wholesaler of imported luxury vehicles as well as its leading provider of "one stop" auto-related logistical and financial services with a network of more than 3000 automobile dealers throughout the country.
  • In 2010, we established, the leading automobile portal for China's car dealers, buyers and drivers of domestic and imported vehicles. On this portal, viewers have one- click access to three of the leading automobile sites in China developed and operated by us. While imported auto sales constituted approximately 96% of 2010 revenues, growth in our combined highly profitable web-based advertising and subscriptions revenues (+72%) has been the key contributor to our rapid bottom line growth (+44% in 2010).
  • Our pioneering website for imported car dealers and buyers,, is the sole on-line site in China for complete, up-to-date information on imported vehicle sales, parts and pricing as well as our auto-related services, including short-term dealer financing supported by our $135 million (as of June 30, 2011) line of credit with leading Chinese banks.
  • Our widely viewed site provides the most comprehensive, up to date information on domestic vehicles in 35 cities throughout China, which we expect to expand to 60 cities by 2012.
  • Most recently, we acquired the highly popular, where the rapidly growing automobile driver population in China can obtain coupons and memberships providing discounts on a variety of auto services, including extremely popular 5% discounts on gas purchases based on arrangements we have made with China's leading gas retailers.
  • We also successfully operate through a service contract the largest imported auto mall in Tianjin, which is the number port in China for imported vehicles. Currently, we are in the advanced planning stage of acquiring what will be the largest domestic automobile mall in Tianjin with an aim of greatly expanding our sales and auto-related services in the much larger domestic auto market.