China Auto Logistics (NASDAQ-CM:CALI)

Mr. Shiping Tong - Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Tong has served in these positions since 1995, when he founded the Company.  He earned his Bachelors degree in computer science from the China Air Force Engineering University.   Mr. Tong is also a director of the Tianjin Car Logistics Association. Mr. Tong has over 16 years of experience in the China auto industry, and has provided leadership and strategic direction to the Company, and has unparalleled understanding of the Company's operations and products.

Mr. Jin Yan - Chief Operating Officer and Vice President

Ms. Xinwei Wang - Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Vice President, Ms. Wang has served as the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Vice President of the Company since joining the Company in 2001.  She earned her Bachelors degree in industry accounting from Tianjin Radio and TV University.  Ms. Wang is a qualified Chinese certified public accountant.

Ms. Weihong Cheng - Secretary, Senior Vice President (Head of Human Resources and General Administration), and a Director, Ms. Cheng has served in these positions since 1995. She earned her Bachelors degree from Shijazhuang Military Medical University.  Ms. Cheng is a co-founder of the Company with her husband, Mr. Tong Shiping, and has served as the Chairwoman of the Company since 1995.